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Offering unique, creative, interactive & out-of-this-world creations and designs! Ensuring that you receive the newest and most unique elements to make your big day Extra special!

Preserve beautiful memories of your big day!


Design so Fine now has a new specialty Wedding Design department. This is where we will assist in designing any digital or printable element to the wedding itself aswell as the planning structure leading up to the big day! Using only unique, creative and out of this world creations and designs. Since you only get married once, ensuring that you have unforgettable additions and attention to details! Essentially helping you make beautiful memories as well as preserving these memories for future generations. We all want to be unique when it comes to planning special occasions, events & milestones in our lifetime, it offers us the opportune moment to stand out and impress our guests and loved ones. This applies especially and more importantly when planning your wedding day, since this only happens once – every bride-to-be wants to go above and beyond to receive the “It Factor”. Something that is the BEST to Impress!


Presenting your wedding invitations are essentially the first impression of the wedding and sets the expectations. Invitations act as a window into the big day and sets the tone and mood.

So why not get the most beautiful, most creative, most modern, most unique invitations??

We can make this a possibility!

Design so Fine offer the following Invitation Designs:

  • Printable Invitation Designs – We will refer you to local printers in the Lowveld
  • E-Invitations – These are digital invitations that can be easliy send via email to all guests
  • Website Invitations – An official wedding website adding a dynamic invitation, you send the web link via email.



Wedding websites serve as a great advantage to planning a website, hassle-free! Not only are they unique, new and modern but they will save you alot of time, money and stress when it comes to posting invitation cards, sending out information and phoning guests for RSVPs etc. Wedding websites have alot to offer, which will essentially remove alot of stress off your plate.

The following can be added to a wedding website:

  • Wedding Invitations
  • Save the Date
  • Calendar
  • Pre-wedding or Engagement photo shoot Slide Shows
  • Post Wedding Photo Gallery for guests to have access to after the wedding
  • Wedding Information & Details
  • Accommodation & Bookings
  • Gift Registry
  • Directions, Address & Google Maps
  • RSVP button
  • Contact form and details


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Wedding Designs
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Wedding Designs
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Wedding Designs
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Wedding Designs

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