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Eagle’s Recruitment Specialised Hospitality Industry Agent, Mpumalanga serving nationwide throughout Southern Africa.

Welcome to Eagle’s Recruitment

At Eagle’s Recruitment we will help you reach your full potential and land your dream job where you will soar to new heights. 

Eagle’s Recruitment Agency is based in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga with 25 years experience of personalised recruitment service specifically within the hospitality industry throughout Southern Africa, combined with integrity and truthful principles, rest assured you are in capable hands. We match candidates to the perfect fitting role in the company culture, shaping careers through careful, selective and responsible placement, with a personal touch and attention to detail. Eagle’s Recruitment Agency takes pride in each and every placement we manage and our main goal is sourcing the very best professional talent within our field of expertise. We aim to not only meet our client and candidate’s requirements but to exceed their expectations with our passionate approach, professional delivery, integrity, honesty, efficiency and successful results.



Looking For Employees?

If you currently have a vacancy available at your lodge, hotel or resort – please feel free to submit your vacancy with us.

Looking for Employment?

If you are looking for a job within the Hospitality Industry, please submit your C.V and we will see if we have anything suitable for you.




Using a recruitment agency to assist you in filling an available vacancy provides a higher chance of a successful result in choosing the perfect candidate. Using an agency is also highly cost-effective in the long run, as we specialize in the hospitality industry we aim to find only the best candidates that will be long lasting, play an integral part and become an important asset to your establishment. In-house hiring without the experience and efficiency of a recruitment agent is essentially running the risk of short lived candidates with an unsuccessful outcome.




Consulting with a recruitment agency in your quest to finding a new job is of course a step in the right direction and comes highly recommended if you wish to land a job at an establishment with a good standing and reputation, and to be placed in a position were you will grow & thrive. We seek to only place our valued candidates at renowned and reputable hotels, lodges and resorts to ensure that the new journey you are about to embark upon is a long lasting and happy one! With our keen eye, we carefully select the best match for you, for a position and place where we are sure your future is bright and that your needs are met.




Feel free to keep checking Eagle’s Recruitment Agency’s Vacancies page to see what is available for you:



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